The Vaping Trend

The Vaping Trend

Vaping seems to be the hottest trend!

But, wait, what is vaping? According to the Oxford Dictionary: vaping is defined as a verb that means to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette.
We all know that more and more smokers are turning to e-cigarettes as they wish to stop ‘real’ smoking.

I decided to give this gadget a try. The one I’ve tried is produced by Hoxton.  The little gadget is a vaporizer electronic cigarette ideal for beginners and experienced vapers alike.
The advanced technology doesn’t require the user to do anything different (other than filling the clearomizer from the bottom, unlike the ‘old’ way of filling from the top). The Hoxton Original comes equipped with a comfortable plastic mouth piece. You can buy their kit for just £14.99. Yes, you heard it right, is really cheap.

Now, let’s take a look on more technical stuff, the key features are:

* Simple one button operation

* Press button five times to turn on and off

* 10 second cut-off

* 5V Circuit protection

* 650mAh battery (lasts 5-6 hours of regular use)

* Ego-threaded

* Available in silver only

* Length (assembled): 148mm

After the product arrived, I read the instructions, which by the way were really clear. I received an original tobacco and a berry blitz e-liquid.
I tried the e-cigarette from my friend and I think it was mint flavor and I loved it!
I did not like the tobacco taste idea, so I have only tried the berry blitz, and I loved the flavor, it was really intense and I enjoyed this so much along with a Margarita cocktail 🙂 Oh and I forgot to mention, when I vape, first image in my head is Audrey Hepbur puffing away on her cigarette, haha, keep it classy!

I don’t smoke normal cigarettes, but I love vaping, to me is relaxing and fun! I like vaping when I am watching t.v or drinking some alcohol.

Next, I will buy the menthol e-liquid as that is my favorite!

Have you ever tried vaping?


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