Sinivalia Skin Care Porducts

The Sinivalia range was founded by a team of women passionate about skin care who literally traveled the world in search of superior skin care ingredients, which sounds super interesting, right? The Sinivalia skin care range it’s uniquely formulated from the very best ingredients to hydrate and ‘feed’ the skin.  The best part is that their products are completely organic and natural, which is really important these days.

I was sent few Sinivalia skin care products to test and review.

Facial Mask – Clay Face Mask

Sinivalia Skin Care Porducts

 Rate: 6/10

I was using clay masks before so I was really excited to try this out, I have to recognize this was the only way I could remove my ugly blackheads from my nose.
When the product arrived I was really surprised as the tube is HUGE! There were instruction on the tub on how to use it. I already knew how to use it anyways, I mixed it with my Moroccan water, but you can also use rose toner, cleanser or with water.
When I tried to mix it, I started with just a little Moroccan toner and started to stir – I repeated this process. but for some reason the clay powder does not want to amalgamate with the Moroccan water – the consistency was really lumpy so I find it quite hard to apply this on my face. I left it on for 15 minutes and then I wash it out. Washing it out was tricky, although I remember this was also the case with other clay masks.
Overall I liked the results of the mask as my face is just so clean after I wash off and I have less blackheads as I applied it few times since.
BUT, I did not like the fact that is so hard to get this mixed with the water, something is not right.


Body Butter

Sinivalia Skin Care Porducts

Rate: 10/10

Ok. I have to admit, this became my favorite skin care product from Sinivalie from the first application!
This body butter is a transparent white color so you won’t stain your sheets 🙂 – it happened to me before!
This body butter left my skin feeling hydrated and super moisturized for hours!! I am not joking, I cannot stop raving about this product! I love to use it when I go out in a dress or shorts and apply some body butter to my legs, it looks fabulous!
There is only one thing I miss, the scene, as it’s fragrance free.


Carrot oil

Sinivalia Skin Care Porducts

Rate: 8/10

I never ever tried carrot oil before, I was excited! I was surprised to find out this is a yellow oil! But don’t worry, it won’t let your skin yellow/ orange if you apply it properly. One sunny day I pop out in my garden so sun-bath and I used this to help tanning speed and color.
What can I say? My skin felt soft and smooth and I had a lovely sun kissed tan!                                                                                                                        

Watermelon Healing oil

Sinivalia Skin Care Porducts

Rate: 7/10

I have used this oil as a cuticle oil when I did my nails and it’s working amazingly, I also used it on my rash. The oil absorbs quickly, the high vitamin content seems to work wonders on my skin. I also use this to massage my hubby and he loves it, haha.


Hazelnut Oil

Rate: 7/10

I use this oil on my body and hair. I cannot see any particular difference between the watermelon oil and this one. I feel like this oil hydrates my skin as well as the watermelon oil.
This product claims to be a deep treatment for over-processed/chronically dry hair. I only use it on my ends after shampoo and I only apply a tiny bit.


Anti-Aging face oil

 Rate: 5/10

This product does have a scent,  it’s a herbal smell so it did not bothered me, although I am not used to put oils on my face as I have oily skin!
I used this product once I washed off the clay mask from my face, because my skin felt dry. It works ok that way, but I cannot use it every day it does not work out for me as I have oily skin.
I would only recommend this to people with dry skin or on dry areas.


Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed reading about Sinivalia Skin Care Products. If you want to get the Sinivalia Skin Care Products you can order them from here.

For further information, please visit Sinivalia on:


I’m not being paid for this review. I was provided with the products by Sinivalia free of charge. All opinions are 100% my own personal thoughts and feelings on this product.


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