How to prepare your face for make-up?

This is a really important step you should take before applying your make-up and I know that usually we tend to forgot, but make-up applied to your face that is not clean will clog the pores and your skin will look stale, and next day pimples are coming, so we don’t want that, do we ? 🙂

How to prepare your face for make-up?Photo credit: Naomi King


#1. Face Wash/ Exfoliate: I would recommend using an alcohol free face wash for your skin type. You can also use an exfoliate cleanser for you skin, your skin will look brighter after that as the dead skin cells will go away. 2. Toner: this is a good one, especially if you have oily skin. This is an extra step as this removes the excess oil and will prepare your skin for moisturizer.

#2. Apply toner gently with a cotton pad, you can also use rose water if you prefer – this is what I use all the time and I prefer this because of the delicious smell!

#3. Facial serums. This is an optional step as I personally use it. I use an eye – and a face serum just before applying my moisturizer. Usually I use my Instanatural serums or my C Vitamin serum. I feel like my serums add some extra moisture to my face and it also brightens my skin. Or you can also use some facial oils like: Jasmine oil but then I would recommend skipping the moisturizer especially if you tend to have oily skin.

#4. Moisturizer: this will be basically the base of your make-up, also please note that ladies with oily skin you do need to follow this step, but use the correct formula, therefore you would need a moisturizer for oily skin.

#5. Primer: Always use a primer for flawless results, this will also help the makeup to stay longer than usually. Please also note, one you applied your favorite primer for your skin type wait few minutes before applying your foundation.

Once you followed all the 5 steps you are ready to apply your makeup as usual, after using the above steps you won’t need to use a tone of foundation, or makeup and I can guarantee that your makeup will stay in place for the day and believe your face will look more natural and your skin will be radiant and healthy.


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