My Top Pinterest Tips

My Top Pinterest TipsPhoto via Pixabay

Today I am going to talk about Pinterest, my favorite blog marketing network. Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform, the users can browse the content of others, you can upload, save, sort and manage your images (known as ‘pin’).


Here are some tips and tricks that helped me to get the most out of Pinterest:

#1.  First of all, build your boards! It’s really easy, just make sure you create boards related to your niche;

#2.  Optimize your Boards – Make sure the board name is related to your niche and that you have a good description + pin name;

#3.  Add a ‘Pin It’ button to your images on your blog, use Pinterest to drive traffic by pinning your own stuff. Please note this doesn’t mean that you have to pin just your stuff, pin articles that you find interesting, your followers will appreciate this;

#4.  Include your domain name in your Pinterest Profile, here is mine!;

#5.  Keep your Pinterest board organized! Make sure you have eye-catching cover pics for your boards;

#6.  Don’t be afraid to have many boards, there is no such thing as too many pins or boards!;

#7.  Pin your old content! This is a great way to share your old posts once more! Who said that you can only pin once?;

#8.  Use it daily! Pin at least few times per day. You can even schedule your Pins, I am using a plugin for this;

#9.  Pin during peak times! Start pinning between 2-4Pm and 8:30PM- 1AM during the week, as for Saturday and Sunday, Pinterest is really busy in the mornings;

#10.  Use secret boards for ideas!’;

#11.  Add a ‘Follow me’ Pinterest Button to your sidebar;

#12.  Add text to your images! I noticed it makes a huge difference, and if you look back on my old posts, you can see I always add text to my images, they are just more pin-worthy this way;

#13.  Check your pins! You can use this site to find out how many times your image has been pinned – it’s really handy! You can just use it online, you don’t have to register;

#14.  Find out what of yours has been pinned using the following link (just make sure you replace ‘’ with your actual domain name):;

#15.  Find people and boards to follow;

#16.  Start browsing other bloggers niche and follow them! Believe me, if your board is interesting, they will follow you back. Let’s say if you blog about food, search for the keyword:food and click on >> Boards called ‘food’, now look for profiles then click on their followers and start following them, as your blog is food related, there is a high possibility they are interested to see food/recipe pins so they will follow you back, which is great as it’s a healthy way to gain more followers;

#17.  Join Pinterest Groups – this will allow you to pin to their board, it’s great for collaboration projects, check out my Blogger Group that I have created, if you wish to join, please leave your email address and I will add you;

#18.  Show pins to your newsletter readers, just include your most visited pins in your weekly newsletter;

#19. Check Pinterest Analytics  – in order to track how many people have been pinning from your blog/ site;

#20. Finally Follow me on Pinterest! 🙂


Are you using Pinterest?
I hope some of these tips will help you improve your Pinterest experience, I am sure you have few secrets as well, I would love to hear them!


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