My Top 10 iPhone Apps

My iPhone is a #1 accessory in my life. I though I would write a post about my 10 must-have apps which I have been using since I bought my iPhone.

First of all I love taking pictures with it, I use many photo apps, but I will only list my absolute favorite ones! Another thing I love to find are Online shopping apps, Personalized apps, etc, etc.

There are so many great apps out there, I have loads on my iPhone, but there are some of them I use consistently, Have I mentioned that  I’m obsessed?? Oh and yes, they are all FREE..

Here are my top 10 iPhone apps:

#1. Beautylish

My Top 10 iPhone Apps


It’s my favorite beauty app, if you love all things beauty this app is definitely for you! You can do lot of things with this app, you can read beauty articles, check photos or even videos. interact with other beautylish users or why not, do an online shopping! I use this app multiple times per day.

#2. Aviary Photo Editor

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

 I am not sure if any of you came across this editor app, but this is my number 1 photo editor so far. I love the effects, you can do loads of stuff with this app, including, touch-up selfies, add sharpness, modify contrast, shadows, brightness, warmth, fade, crop, add text, create memes, after you edited your photo you are ready to share!

#3. CocoPPa

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

I love this app! You can decorate your home screen by using custom icons, wallpapers, there are loads of new content uploaded each day. It’s simply amazing!!!

#4. MyLittleApp

My Top 10 iPhone AppsAnother great app that I love! I receive each day some smart ideas or sales, DIY inspiration, tutorials, discounts and much more, I really love to check this app each day. It’s like a new surprise every day,  you will love it I promise !

#5. Snapguide

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

 Another inspirational App! This app is full of creative how-to tutorials including beauty, diy projects, make-up ideas, fashion/ clothing, lifehacks. I use this app everyday as well.

#6. Pinterest

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

I am sure everybody loves Pinterest, I find it the most inspirational app that I ever used! Check out my inspirational boards

#7. Trusper

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

Another favorite inspirational app, full of tutorials: hair, makeup, lifehacks, DIY.

#8. Instagram

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

Again, I love Instagram, be prepared, it’s addictive, I love that you can only post pics and not write posts 🙂 Follow me on instagram

#9. BuzzFeed

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

This is definitely the funniest app ever! This app has all news that you want to know, stories, entertainment, diy, etc.

#10. TripAdvisor

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

If you like to travel, you will love this app! You can plan your trip in advance, you can browse through best hotels, restaurants, destinations, reviews, etc.

Hope you liked my top #10 favorite App, I use this apps almost every day and I could not live without them!

What are your absolute favorite apps?


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I love CocoPPa app, I’ve been using it for a while, it’s great for customization!



I love the fact that your list is not ‘typical’, I really like the apps you are using and I am planning on using few of them 🙂

Thanks for sharing!