My Essential Blogging Tools

My Essential Blogging Tools

Blogging has become my hobby! It’s not my first job, is not my second job, it’s simply my favorite ‘part-time’ hobby. Though along with this, my blog need an investment and it’s important for me to have essential blogging tools to make most out of it. As you might already know in order to be an active and informative blogger you need some extra stuff like blogging tools to help you around so that you create badass content.
So today I choose to focus on some of my favorite and essential blogger tools that helped me take Inspiremeland to the next level and I am thrilled to share them with you!

Here are my essential blogging tools:

#laptop or notebook

this is obviously an essential tool I use for blogging. As a blogger I’m carrying my laptop everywhere, it’s with me on my holidays, work, basically anywhere I go my laptop comes with me ūüôā
I’d recommend:
*Adobe Photoshop РI use adobe Photoshop quite often to create mock-ups and blog post images.
*Pickmonkey – I use this fantastic photo-editor a lot! My logo/ lots of featured images were done using Pickmonkey, I’m using the free version at the moment.
*Bloglovin‘- I will be honest, I am not a big fun of this tool, but I noticed lots of people are using it (20 million, crazy right?). Bloglovin’ is a platform for keeping up with your favorite blogs.



this is my¬†second favorite blogging tool. My iPhone is always at my side loaded with lots of great apps it’s perfect for staying connected, checking my email and sharing on social media.
I’d recommend:
* note down your post ideas all the time, believe you will need it at some point;
* use applications such Awesome Note Рthis will keep you organized with your blog post ideas, photo ideas, your to-do list, etc.
* Analytic app – I am checking my google analytic’s on my iPhone most of the time. I love the mobile interface


this will allow you to shoot quality photos and videos to publish on your blog. I mostly use stock photos, but I always¬†carry my camera with me just in case I need to capture something. I’m currently using Samsung NX1100, this has lots of capabilities, settings and filters.


Canva makes my blogging life a lot easier, it makes design simple, you can play around with fonts, backgrounds, colors and cool design tools. Canva is full of professional layouts, pre-defined social media sizes, and awesome eye-catching graphics. I use their templates often to create my featured images. If you have not tried it, I’d highly recommend to check it out, you will love it!


#editorial calendar

This editorial calendar will keep me¬†99% organized! It helps me organize my ideas and lay them out on a calendar for the month. I’m using the Editorial Calendar from WordPress. The editorial calendar gives you an overview of your blog and when each post will be published. You can drag and drop to move posts, edit posts right in the calendar, and manage your entire blog.¬†I highly recommend this plugin as a necessity for content management!


Please feel free to share other Blogger Tools which you think should be included in the list!


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