Must-have WordPress widgets for bloggers

Must-have WordPress widgets for bloggers

What I love about WordPress is that it lets you easily customize your site layout through some wonderful sidebar widgets. You can use almost any plugin and theme which will allow you to add lots widgets. In this article, I have picked a couple of my favourite widgets and hopefully, you will find them useful too. Enjoy!

About me widget.

It’s always nice to have an ‘About me’ section on your blog. I am not sure about you guys, but I love to read something about the creator.  Why? Because I believe identity is everything! People must know who you are.  The about me bit from my blog comes with the theme I am using, but I a good alternative would be the Widget.
This widget is very easy to use and it has many options for customization.

Subscribe – mailchimp sign-up form

I love this widget, I use it at the moment, you can create a cool form to fit your blog style and add it to your sidebar for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. As you can see, the integration is really easy, I personally prefer to have a very simple opt-in form, with just one or two fields: name and email.

Social media icons

There are tons of plugins and widgets available for WordPress, so it’s really hard to choose just one. I feel that the social media icons widget is an excellent choice.

The plugin/ widget is pretty straight forward, it looks classy and it’s visible, you will have lots of options even with the free version.

Instagram feed

Display beautifully clean, customizable, and responsive feeds from multiple Instagram accounts. I love this widget, I use it on my blog as you can see, it’s super easy to configure and it looks great on any website.

It’s almost fully customizable so that you can tweak it to take and make it fit your lovely blog.


I’m not the biggest fan of Bloglovin’, but everybody else seems to enjoy using it, I must admit I’ve find a couple of great blogs myself through bloglovin’ that I follow.

I’d definitely recommend creating a widget for your readers so they can easily follow your blog through bologlovin’, this will let your readers subscribe to your blog through email. If you have bloglovin’ do not forget to follow me on there 🙂

Facebook widget

The Like box Widget provides easy and quick use in your blog, you can fully customize the Facebook like box in an easy way.

This will attract and gain new likes from your site. This plugin is outstanding and perfect and I highly recommend it!


This widget works beautifully, it’s minimal and it does integrate easily. This widget allows you to define the number of tweets that are displayed and the number of hours that tweets are cached, which is awesome, right?

So what’s in your sidebar?


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Shannon Gurnee

I’ve been checking out WordPress widgets lately and these sound like some I would love to have. Thanks for sharing.


always looking for a way to get my blog out there and take advantage of what is available thanks for sharing


We have most of these widgets, but we should start working on our mailing list asap! Will keep the Subscribe – MailChimp sign-up form in mind!


Great source for bloggers and websites , thank you!


The last time I tried to add bloglovin to mine, it said there was no widget that was compatible….so I haven’t bothered since. As for the others, I have most.


i would love to add an instagram widget to my blog. great idea

Lexie Lane

These are great advice, it would be perfect for those who are newbie in blog,.

Liz Mays

It’s so true about WordPress offering all kinds of customization options through plug-ins. It’s fantastic!


Yes this are a really helpful post and i need this on my blog. Thanks for sharing


Those are great widgets. I recently transferred to WordPress and I am loving the flexibility of the different widgets.

Elizabeth O.

Yep, those are definitely helpful especially when keeping the audience you’ve gained. Thanks for the lovely tips!

Jenn Peters

I have all of the above! But I want to straighten mine up so it looks a little cleaner 🙂

These are GREAT tips!! I just added Bloglovin to my sidebar!

– Seri

Rachel Mouton

What a great list! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


These are great suggestions. I’m glad you mentioned the Instagram feed. I’ve got another plugin for that, but it looks rather messy. Thanks for sharing!

tara pittman

These are things I need to add to my blog. I love the learning I get from other bloggers.


Thanks for sharing this because you did not have to

Carol Cassara

It’s good to have your must-haves, so it saves the rest of us time and cluelessness!


These are helpful! There are a couple I hadn’t added yet…. But am now going to!


So helpful! There are so many widgets out there and it’s overwhelming trying to decide which to use. Thank you for your recommendations.