How to use Twitter to Increase Blog Traffic

How to use Twitter to Increase Blog Traffic

Are you struggling to use the power of Twitter for your website? A big percentage of my blog traffic comes from Twitter. It’s a powerful social media platform, where you can easily build a following and interact with anyone in the blogosphere.


Here are my tips for driving traffic to your blog with Twitter:


* Create a Twitter Profile that supports your niche- you need to incorporate your brand/logo into your Twitter background or image;

* Use short tweets (under 100 characters) – call-to-action tweets are really provocative if you ask me! You don’t have to tweet the exact article title, you can include quotes. A good/ interesting headline is the key of success on Twitter;

* Keep your links nice, use link shortener, I’m using ->

* Use #hashtags – spread your tweet! For those who still don’t know much about hashtags -please read this.

* User @mentions – An @mention is when you insert a person name in a Tweet. This is a good way to thank the retweets to your blog readers. Or if you are tweeting other bloggers articles let them know by using their Twitter handle, people love seeing themselves mentioned in tweets;

* Ask your followers for retweet to link back to your blog posts – for example ‘Please RT’ – here is an example.

* Use good quality images! Great visuals are more shareable – this means more retweets, favorites, mentioning and sharing;

* Include a Blog link in your bio. – your Profile is what your visitors see when they visit your page, the about and contact sections are clickable, no excuses!;

* You can post content multiple times as updates are unfortunately often missed;

* Twitter is a great platform to refresh your old content! It’s easy -> tweet out old posts from your blog. There is only one thing to keep in mind when doing this, your post content most be relevant today as they were when they were first published. You can use the Revive Old Post plugin, this helps you to keep your old posts alive by sharing them, it also helps you to promote your content. You can set time and the number of posts to share to drive more traffic.

* Use Crowdfireapp – it’s a great app at finding inactive users and your unfollowers -> pay close attention to results;

* Be active! Respond to comments or messages, interact and engage, otherwise at the end you might end up losing your followers! You need the kind of followers that are interested in your niche, basically the best way to gain such followers is to FOLLOW those kind of people.

Share your tips and comments. I’d love to hear from you!


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Great advice once again! I will be implementing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Channel Imperial

I haven’t tried the Crowdfire app. I’d like to give it a try.


Great tips! Being active is key to being successful! 🙂


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Thanks for sharing, I’ve gained about 20 followers in the past couple days, hopefully these tips will help me get more.


Thanks for the tips. I will totally have to try them out as I work to improve my twitter reach.

Liz Mays

Twitter can really be a great boost if you use it right. Thanks for the tips!

Karla Cook

Some good tips here! Some I knew about, some I had forgotten about, and some I had never thought of. Thanks so much for sharing!


This is a great list! I would also add how important consistency is!


I love using twitter. I have done most of what you have said and it has been great for me. I have not tried using the Crowdfireapp. It sounds like a great tool. I will have to try it out.


I really don’t understand twitter. I have been growing my account, but I don’t use it like I should. Thanks for the tips!


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Jason Young

Great tips. I’d also add that using videos on Twitter will boost your feed views. You can also use a URL shortener called sniply to share external content and still display a CTA to your content. Finally tag influencers within your niche

Shannon Peterson

I am definitely struggling with twitter so this is a huge help!

Lois Alter Mark

These are great tips! I love Twitter but am always happy to learn ways to use it better.


I use Crowdfire, but I need to work on pretty much every other tip. And I always feel weird posting multiple times but it seems that’s critically important on Twitter. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the tip on reviving old posts!


I love these tips! I’ve recently had such a surge in Twitter followers and it’s brought so much new traffic to my blog. It’s such a great tool once you get the hang of it.


Great tips! I will definitely incorporate some of these tips into my twitter usage.


Love this thanks I have got Instagram finally figured out now on to twitter this helped !!