Guest Post: 7 honest fun tips for future mums

Today’s guest post is from Ally, who runs a lovely parenting platform:,  mostly addressed to cool young mums who are looking for creative ways to enjoy motherhood. She lives in London, busy blogger mum of a one and half year old, constantly looking for inventive ways to improve lifestyle and help other mums get through this beautiful madness called motherhood. Huge fan of photography, she is also a convinced foodie, love researching the latest healthy trends of gastronomy and she is creating her own healthy quirky recipes for mums on the go and their bundles.

Guest Post: 7 honest fun tips for future mumsAlly and her little angel


Motherhood is amazing, beautiful, magical, wonderful, yes, motherhood is pure bliss. That’s what I thought before getting pregnant and before you know it I became a mum (and let me tell you, despite its perks, motherhood is tough job!).

Here you have my very top honest seven tips of things you can work on a little bit more before becoming a mother which, I promise, could make you enjoy motherhood even more! It’s all fun;)

1. Sleeeeeeep

Because once you get your tiny human, you will have to break up with this lovely, amazing, comforting routine of disconnecting yourself from reality. I remember I was in my last trimester of pregnancy when one of my work colleagues (lovely mum of 2) said to me while taking a deep serious breath, I quote: ‘darling, sleep now as much as you can, because once you have a kid, your sleep will never be the same again!’. Aaaand now I can confirm, it’s true…Even when they sleep through the night, your mind will work out mental lists on how to save up for their college! Or will stay late to make sure your teenage daughter comes home before midnight as she solemnly promised!

2. Indulge yourself 

…now and then with that chocolate beauty! Go on, treat your buds now you won’t have to share it with tiny sweet tooth creatures. Silly me, sharing is actually out of the question when it comes to little sugar high monsters, I meant before having to give them all up as there won’t be any time or energy left for you to treat yourself to a full dessert or a hot cuppa of tea.

3. Party, party, party on

I’m not saying life with kids running around the house isn’t a continuos party, because I’d lie! It’s just a different kind of party where adults get very tired before noon. Especially when you get to organise playground and zoo parties where booze is kind of frowned upon (if not illegal!) and for the lack of it your childless friends won’t exactly feel too motivated to participate to your gathering so you’ll be stuck with 6 year old and tons of ice cream. Thank God for ice cream, right?

4. Stress free light travel

Travelling with your minis is not impossible, actually most of the time may be quite interesting and fun. If you take out of consideration the amount of tiny things you have to carefully pack and constantly carry around with you: nappies, wipes, creams, changing outfits, nighttime toys, cuddling toys, comfort toys, muslins, oh and of course chewing toys, talking toys, soft toys and trust me, the list doesn’t stop here. Then crack on snacking options: nicely cut chunky veggies, biscuits, fruit, water, juice, cheese, perhaps candy, mandatory chocolate etc as children’s appetite is a funny thing, people (and unless you want them to starve or give a vicious tantrum performance, you’d better be snack ready!)

5. Show off designer

It’s now time for you to shop away and dress up. You’ll soon probably have to give up designer treats as you’ll get tired of finding your nice pair of sunglasses in the sand pit (chances are to ups! find them broken), throw away cool scarfs because of children’s playground experiments or being unable to go around with an obvious scratch on your what once used to be a pretty Prada bag. Plus replacing nice things is pretty pricey and nappies are expensive while your savings account is already damaged by the online baby shopping.

6. Dive, baby, dive 

Sky dive, scuba dive, just dive in those crazy activities you keep postponing for one reason or another. It’s not that once you get kids you won’t be able to, but you’ll feel less eager to jump off a plane without thinking at least ten thousand times about the weirdest things like testaments and custody. Not that something may happen to you, but parents’ now worries-full brains work in mysterious ways…

7. Pamper thyself 

Get a massage, a facial, go to the gym, get a spa weekend with your friends, go to the movies, wake up at 2 in the afternoon, take the train to Paris! After your bundle of joy arrives, buh-bye luxurious pampering moments. There will be times when you are lucky enough to find a spare moment to put some mascara, brush your teeth on or comb your hair…

Guest Post: 7 honest fun tips for future mums

Lovely ladies, motherhood IS amazing, you’ll go through raw beautiful emotions you’ll remember all your life. But now it’s time for you to have fun, enjoy yourself, love yourself and this way you’ll be a step closer to motherhood.

She has more funny stories here: Allmumstalk Facebook: Allmumstalk Twitter: allmumstalkhere

Featured image credit: Antony Pratap

Now, it’s your turn, do you have any funny tip to share with us ? We would love to hear them!


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stacey @ stacey homemaker

Lovely post! I’m most worried about the lack of sleep, if I don’t get 8 hours, I’m a bear! haha

Steph of Loulou and Jones

I have no funny tips to add but these are hilarious. Thanks for sharing


Great list! I wish it was possible to stockpile sleep, cause I’m pretty sure I’d have a bunch stored up from my 20s. Unfortunately at this late stage of pregnancy sleep and I are not getting along 🙁


This list is so awesome!!

Jessica @ Moxie and Mischief

Great tips for new mamas!


Enjoy little things while you can, ladies! x


88 days til my due date, I think I’ll go take several naps now!


Good luck, darling! Sleep, eat and repeat 😉 then someone else will be doing all that for you ;))

Justine Y @ Little Dove Creations

Oh my goodness, #4!! There seems to be no such thing as a quick trip, or packing light anymore. It’s amazing how much stuff you have to bring when you have little ones in tow! 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these, love it!