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Free resources for your blogPhoto via stocksnap


Hello cupcakes!

Creating content can sometimes look quite easy unless you have the right resources to help you! In this post I would like to share resources that I know you will find useful along with some products and services that I personally love and enjoy using!


Image Optimizers:


I always optimize my images prior uploading them to my blog, I am using the following online image optimizers and resources:

TinyJPG – this is my favorite, I use this all the time;

EWWW Image Optimizer – this is a WordPress plugin that I love, it will automatically optimize your images as you upload them to your blog.

WP Smush – another alternative, reduces the file size without losing quality, but I personally prefer the EWWW Image OP. plugin!


Image Editors:


I bet you already know lots of image editors, but in case you don’t, here are the resources I use:

Pickmonkey -old time favorite, I could not live without PicMonkey, I use it a lot, by the way let me know if you are interested to see some tutorials…

Pixlr – I use this one frequently as well, it’s a really good photo editor;

Easel – it’s different from other editors, as here you can create really creative and eye-catching graphics for your site (I use this mostly for my Pinterest account);

Memegenerator – If you love memes, this site is for you!  You can create your own fun meme within seconds.


Collect emails:


Here you can find my resources to collect your lovely email addresses through my site 🙂

Mailchimp – this is what I use to send out my newsletters, it’s free and it lets you send out your marketing emails and targeted campaigns.

Hellobar – I use this at the top of the page and at the left hand side, it’s really easy to set up, but if you need help let me know :);

Contact Form 7 – if you want to have multiple contact forms, I would recommend using this plugin.


Social media:


I think that this is the most time consuming part of the whole blogosphere! Therefore these resources are a must have for me!

Pinterest automatic – Ok, this one if not free I am afraid, but this plugin is a big TIME saver! The plugin can pin from one image to all images in the post directly to your pinterest account – I use this a lot!

Latergram – If you love Instagram, like me, you will love this! With this app you can schedule your Instagram posts from your pc or phone;

Writerack – Twitter is my fav. social media channel, therefore this app is really important to me, it’s the easiest way to tweetstorm, you just have to write the post!

Disqus – it’s a free online community; I also use the disqus plugin for web comments and discussions.

Feedburner – a great way to manage your RSS feeds;

Buffer – I love this tool, you can schedule your content across all your social networks, it saves me lot of time!

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Stock Photos:


I love to use stock photos, I am sorry, but I’m not a good photographer and I think that good pictures are essential! Here is a list of inspiration/resources for you guys:

 Sitebuilderreport – this is a great site, I use it a lot,  it lets you search 22 high-quality, free stock photo websites in one place.

 Unsplash – again, a great site with free photos, although I feel like they don’t have that many pictures..

 Jaymantri – he adds 7 new photos every Thursday, not bad at all 🙂

 Designerspics – Free photos, attribution not required.

 Stocksnap – Lots of beautiful photos – highest quality, highest resolution pictures.

Foodiesfeed – Ah and I almost forgot to mention this one, if you have a foodie blog you will love this!




Dafont – my favorite catalog of fonts, if you have not checked them out yet, you should go and browse some fonts and I promise you will stay on that website for a long time! 🙂 ;

Google Fonts – it’s free plus the fonts are optimized for the web;

Use any font – I use this plugin at the moment and I like it really much, you don’t need any css knowledge to use it and it gives you freedom to use any font on your website.

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Marketing and Business:


Buzzsumo – this site is quite handy, you can analyze what content performs best for any topic!

FREE logo – you can create it online then simply save it, easy like that!

Portent – Whenever I feel uninspired and I need new ideas I go there, it’s a great content idea generator if you get stuck!

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Copyscape – it’s an online plagiarism detection tool, you can pop in your site address and see if there are any copies/ duplicates, it’s a great resource;

WordPress SEO – this is the free SEO plugin that I’m using, if you wish to save a lot of time on SEO > go for it!

Woorank – You can run a review for free to check SEO status.

Gtmetrix – check the performance of your site.

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So there you have my top free resources to make your blogger life a lot easier!

Will you be using any of them?


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This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! you can also visit our website for logo design,


This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Yinan Chen
Yinan Chen

Nice article and very informative.
For free stock photos, please also check out Appreciate it if you could add it to your resource list.


Thank you for this post, I found it very helpful!


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This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!


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Loved this post, you have a great blog..


I totally agree with you pictures are an essential part of blogging, thank you for all the resourceful link. Your blog is just amazing


Awesome post!!! Thank you!


this has been ridiculously helpful ! Thank you so much Betty!


heeey! hope you have a great day! do you want to follow each other via bloglovin? if yes, just follow me there and i’ll follow you back soon!

Clare Speer

Thank you so much for this much needed information! I’m going to look into these!


This is a really good list of resources, I use many of them 🙂 I’d also recommend and for images. I like them because they’re easy to search.


These are all great resources! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


Kari Ann

Thank you for this great list of resources!

Stephanie | A Style of Her Own

These are great tools! Thanks for the info! 🙂

Its Miss Ivana

Thank you for this post! I am so happy to run on it 🙂 Especially the last part!


Thanks, these are great!

Maddy Khan

I love these tips, thanks a lot for sharing these Betty xx