How To Find Blogging Inspiration

How To Find Blogging Inspiration

Finding blogging inspiration can sometimes be very difficult especially when you have so many things going on in your mind as I have. Coming up with a constant stream of new blog post ideas can be pretty hard and I think it happened with with every writer at some point, it’s called writer’s block.

I’ve compiled a couple of ideas of some of my favourite ways of finding inspiration.


Use Google Analytics

Whenever I am stuck and don’t know what to write about, I always go to my Google analytics tool and see what are the biggest trending posts, this helps me a lot, I’d usually check ‘Audience’, ‘Behaviour’ and ‘Acquisition’ this will provide me with plenty information about my readers and how they interact with my blog.
You can also use Google Trends, these can be sorted by categories and it’s such a cool tool to identify trends and popular topics for blog content.

P.S.: Use Google Keyword Suggestions – when typing into Google search, you will see some keywords, you can turn these easily into content ideas.


Post a poll/ Ask Questions

Simply engage with your audience. I have already done this a couple of times. I usually use social media (Twitter, Facebook) to see what you guys want to read about on my blog, ideas are always welcome.
P.S.: There are many free polling tools, I’d recommend Polldaddy and WP-Polls.



Looking in blog comments for ideas

Review your blog comments, research what your readers are looking for. I reckon 60% of my post ideas come from questions asked by you guys. Just think about it, every time you get a question, answering that particular question from your reader is a potential new blog post.
If you aren’t getting many comments what I would suggest is finding bloggers in your niche and see the questions they are being asked and all the comments.


Use a note

Keep a notebook beside your bed, write it down on your phone, or pc. When something comes to my mind, I write it down asap. Remember, sometimes inspiration for writing comes to you accidentally. If you write down your ideas every time, you’ll have inspiration available to you whenever you’re stuck.
P.S.: personally I love Awesome note.


Other quick tips

– Use Buzzsumo – uses social search and will find the most shared content across all the main social networks, how cool is that?
– use Pinterest to get ideas;
– use Hubsport’s blog topic generator your topics for a week;
– read Blogs in Your Industry for Ideas;
– read 50 Blog Post Ideas;
– use Alltop – This is a website which lists the most recent topics from some of the most popular blogs across the Internet, you can also choose the topic of course.
– step away from whatever you’re writing and do something else instead, it happened to me, instead of writing ‘fluff’ I just waited a couple of days. Just give yourself permission to not publish! I always remind myself to go for quality over quantity when it comes to blogging


What works for you?

Please share your success stories and blogging inspiration tips below.

I’d love to hear how you stay inspired.


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