DIY Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is a very popular ingredient in skin care products because it is a free-radical fighter and helps produce collagen naturally.  Vitamin C is also one of the most effective ingredients to combat and prevent signs of aging thanks to its ability to stimulate collagen production in a serious way.

As you may already know Vitamin C Serums are really expensive and I just cannot afford this often, therefore I though I should try making my own serum, it’s much cheaper this way and I will like it’s even fresher.DIY Vitamin C Serum

What you will need in order to prepare your own Vitamin C Serum…

* A dark colored glass bottle. I purchased mine from Ebay, but you can use an old serum bottle.

*  4 1/4 t. distilled water

* Vitamin C powder (L ascorbic powder). You can find this at your local health food store or amazon.

* %100 pure vegetable glycerin, but you don’t need to use this if you don’t want to, it’s enough to use water and vitamin C powder.

What to do next…

* In a bowl mix4 1/4 t. distilled water with1/4 t. tsp of Vitamin C powder.

* Crush the crystals up until they are completely dissolved

* now add 1/2 t. vegetable glycerin

* Carefully pour your serum into your glass bottle.

* Apply 3-4 drops onto freshly cleansed skin and gently massage in until fully absorbed, I use this twice a day.

Please note this is a 5% formula, latter on you can add more powder.

Also, after I cleaned my face and applied the serum I am using my moisturizer, it is important not to use the moisturizer first.

Also, I keep my vitamin c serum refrigerated and use up within a week at the most. After one week definitely trow it out and make a new vitamin c serum.


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