DIY: Homemade concealer

It is really hard to find the right shade of concealer for your skin tone, therefore I was thinking how to make a diy homemade concealer that matches with my skin color and type. Also, we all know that a good concealer can cost loads, therefore here is an affordable alternative, a DIY homemade concealer that you can make in your own home with ingredients you might already have.

You will need…

DIY: Homemade concealer* Loose powder, but as you can see I had some leftovers from a compact powder that I no longer use;

* container – to store your concealer;

* q- tip;

* your favorite moisturizer, I chose Simple ligh moisturizer as I feel that this works best for me as I have oily skin.

DIY: Homemade concealerNow, once you gathered all the ingredients all you have to do is mix them, I would recommend using smaller amounts first as you can always add more powder / moisturizer if needed. I used roughly one tablespoon of moisturizer and I crushed up the compact powder in the original case then put the broken powder in the new container along with the moisturizer.

Voilà! My diy homemade concealer…

DIY: Homemade concealer

DIY: Homemade concealer



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I don’t have a loose powder neither, but I do have a compact one, I wanted to trough it out, good that I didn’t haha :))


Oh wow, reallly cool diy, I am going to try this out!