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Hello cupcakes!

I’ve created a Blogging Community group recently and noticed that many of you are asking questions mostly related to blogging and I though it will be a good idea to write a post to help you all. I will do my best to provide useful and honest information. Also, if you have any other questions, please feel free to comment down bellow and I’ll make a second session of Blogging Q&A.

So here we go with what I hope to be a regular feature on the blog….call it Blogging Q&A Number One! This is a HUGE post, so be prepared and grab a cup of tea/ coffee 🙂 


Emily asks ‘I realize that you can monetize your blog anytime, but how many readers SHOULD you have before you monetize?’

You can start marketing from day 1! There is no rule that you should wait before you reach 1000 readers, obviously you won’t make lot of money $ at first, but you have to be patient. If you are not monetizing your blog yet, start today, try using Google Adsense (just a couple), once your blog is doing better start direct advertisers, affiliates, etc. I would not recommend launching your blog with loads and loads of annoying adds, but you can start with few ads here and there.
Now, I am sure some of you will disagree, but Hey- everybody has the right to make money through their venture of choice, including bloggers and vlogers., nothing wrong with it!

Another thing, if your site is older with absolutely no advertising on, be careful when you introduce advertising as your readers might get pissed off, therefore provide a lot of value to your visitors and ONLY recommend what you truly believe in 🙂

Emily asks ‘Suggestions on how to develop a media kit?’

My suggestion about what you should include are: BIO about you and your website, statistics (including demographics about your readers), collaboration options like: sponsored posts, ads, giveaways, promotions, reviews, etc. You can also include few testimonials or previous work you’ve done.
I could create a media kit template if you guys are interested 🙂

How do you determine how much to sell ads and sponsored posts for?

This is how you can easily calculate your SP rate:
Number of hours spent writing the post x Your post creation hourly rate (this can be anywhere between $20-$50) + Number of specialist hours spent with photography and design x Your specialist hourly rate ($30-$100).
However, they will tell you how much they are willing to pay after all. It happened to me..

Ruxandra  asks ‘What motivates you to be consistent and always regularly post fresh content?

You guys! If no one was reading my posts I probably would have tried something else 🙂 But, I love the feedback I get via emails, Facebook and comments this makes me write more and more! I try to post regularly – 3 times/ per week as I have a full time job, blogging is just my hobby!

Lihz asks ‘Do you read blogs from another countries?’

Yes, I do. I am actually a Hungarian girl, therefore English is not my first language. I speak 4 languages and I have a huge list of favorite blogs from all over the world.

Nichole asks ‘What inspired you to start blogging ?’

That was a funny story! My blog was my own diary, to write down my ideas (loads of silly pots that I already deleted 🙂 slowly -slowly it became a modern way of keeping a journal so when I started to receive positive feedback, trafficand comments I enjoyed even more.

Laura asks ‘The best tips for a good website traffic?’

First of all you have to know that content is KING! You want your posts to be inspiring, long stories with eye-catching headlines and good graphics. Once you have nice content you have to promote your post on as many social networks as possible, be active, comment on other blogs, link out to other bloggers, swap sidebar links, replay to your comments, run giveaways, send out newsletters, join Facebook groups and forums, finally, collaborate with other bloggers (guest post).

Alison asks ‘I have questions about CSS/editing themes. For example, my theme has ugly HTML information below the comment box that I’d love to remove. I’ve played with different comment plugins and still can’t get it to disappear. Also, what is a good size for feature photos? Some are huge and some are small on my site. Mainly, I just need help with layout!’

To remove the HTML code, do the following: dashboard >> appearance >> editor now click on: Style.css and add the following line:
.form-allowed-tags { display: none; }
Once you saved the file, delete your browser cache and try to load the site. As for feature image, make sure you choose stick to: 630×473.
If you have any other styling questions feel free to ask/ email me.

Annie asks ‘What are your prime times to post? When do you get the most views?’

You can post anytime, the important thing is to keep in mind when to SHARE/ promote your post. I read a lot about when to go viral, but looks like all studies look different. I post 3 times per week and try to stick to it, I start sharing my post between 9:30 am and 11am. I tried to go viral afternoon, it just did not work out that well for me. It looks like people are online around this time, this is when they usually read their emails, feeds.
However, I pin my posts on Pinterest afternoon as I noticed I got more pins around afternoon, early evening hours.

Kristi asks ‘I am blogging and networking but not seeing a huge increase in page views… how can I change this?’

Dear Kristi, I would recommend the same thing as I done for Laura. I will write a post about different techniques how to increase your page views shortly as there is soo much to say here. Stay tuned 🙂

Rosa asks ‘What’s your blog average monthly income? How do you set up ad rates?’

I don’t really monetizemy blog yet. I just started out making some money out of it to pay my hosting/ domain, etc costs. I’ve done sponsored posts and a few reviews on different products, but I am on my way and I will make sure to share with you once I have a decent monthly income.

Keshena asks ‘I would love to know what you can do to increase readership & followers. I realize that content is important and needs to be appealing but I don’t know how to attract people to the blog in the first place if that makes sense?’

I realize this is the biggest question and I will write a blog post as there are tons of things to say really 🙂 I will make sure to link it here.

Phoebe asks ‘What are the best ways you’ve found to use social media to bring readers to your site? What’s your approach to Facebook?’

I shared few tips here which might help you.  The most important thing is to use hashtags. I didn’t used hashtags before and even if I thought that my content is ok, my traffic was really low. Then I started promoting my blog even more, sharing it on: facebook groups, tweeter, pinterest, instagram, reddit, stumbleupon, google+, tumblr, digg, scoop, etc. The most important thing is to use hashtags, believe me you will see a huge difference. Hashtags helps you expand your reach to people who are looking at posts in your topic, not just your Facebook friends.


Tonia asks ‘I’m new to the whole blogging world and it scares me silly. I thought I’d try and build my database before going for it, or should I just start and hope people sign up to follow? What are some tips on getting people to sign up?’

You can of course set up a landing page where you can ask people to sign up, BUT I think it’s really important that people see what you are offering. I would not subscribe to a site without seeing a couple of articles, but that is just me. The best ways to grow your email list is to have: multiple opt-ins, giveaways, twitter cards, bad-ass email content 🙂

Heather asks ‘What content do you think gets the most attention when blogging? Does the design of your blog reflect your own personal style ?’

That is a good question Lisa.. I’ll be honest, I think food/ recipes, health and nutrition gets the most attention when blogging for girls! But, in general most successful and profitable niches are mortgages, loans, finance, cameras, phones, etc.

Reg. your second question, yes, I try my best to reflect my own personal style, of course I always try to make changes, adjustments to make it more useful and pretty!

Holly asks ‘How do you like to interact with your audience?’

I interact with my audience through my own Facebook Blogger Community Group, Twitter, personalized newsletters, I always – always ask for feedback so I can improve things, I only want to write about stuff I know you guys want to read, therefore I listen carefully.
Secondly, I always respond to each comment I get, I remember the days when I wasn’t getting any comments at all, so when I started to get few I responded immediately to all of them and I keep doing this, and at the end of the day, the most important thing is CONVERSATION and I am doing everything I can to encourage it on my blog. There are thousands of blogs out there, and someone took the time to read and even respond to something I write, that’s meaningful and valuable for me.

‘What have you learned now that you wished you knew when you started?

* I wish I was more organized at the beginning, sometimes I published a post every day, then once per week or even worse, now I am much more organized.
* I wish I’d known about re-sizing and optimizing my images :)) some images were larger while the others really small, it’s funny if I look back now.
* I wish I’d known that I need to pay more attention on my analytics/ keywords/ exit pages, etc.
* I wish I’d known that design and blog photos matters a lot 🙂

Vanessa asks ‘How long time do you spend on each blogpost?’

This is a good one 🙂 For example on this huge post I spent around 3-4 hours in total. It’s a little bit scary if I think about it 3-4 hours??! It depends. For an average length post it can take up to 1.5-2 hours, if I am taking the pictures and not using stock photos even more.

‘And how many days a week do you blog?’

I try to post 3 times per week, I am planning to increase that, but it’s a bit hard as I have a full time job.

‘Where do you get photos from? Do you have copyright on the photos you use?’

Some photos are taken by me, but as I am not the best photographer in the world, usually I use stock photos. You can check out m resources here. I always link back to my resource or the photographer. Please note: you always want to make sure you read the Licence, the photos should fall under the Creative Commons CCO license, that means you can modify, copy and distribute the photo, otherwise you might get in trouble. In case you are not sure if you can use a photo or not, I would recommend asking the photographer/ website owner to provide you with a confirmation.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted questions!

I invite you all to leave any questions you may have in the comments below.


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Stacey Loring

These were very helpful tips. I find a lot of times it’s rather difficult to leave comments because many bloggers utilize fancy comment plug-ins. There were many times I wanted to leave a comment but it was almost impossible. Like you, I use a basic comment form.


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Good one !

Alexandra Mucenieks

Great list of tips, really got me thinking more about my blog.

Single Mother Ahoy

Fantastic tips, I’ll be coming back to look at these again! Thanks for linking up with the weekend blog hop!


This is very, very helpful! Thank you.


Great post! Thanks FOR answering!


Thank you so much for this post! I love your blog – it’s my saving grace! I’m going to start fixing my blog now… Thanks for the organizational tips, too. I have a spreadsheet to track where and when I promote my posts, but I should also add columns for the different blog communities where I share my posts. Thanks again for the inspiration!


Thank you for answering our questions … looking forward to more!


Such a great post! I love reading Q&A’s They really do help a lot!