Blogging Goals For 2016

Blogging Goals For 2016

Blogging is a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of work and commitment, for me, it’s important to set goals every time, because this way I am always working towards something, let’s face it, you have to know what you are aiming at in order to achieve! And as we fast approach the end of this great year, it’s natural to do some reassessing in our blogging lives.
Though every blogger may blog differently, we do have something in common, we need to form goals for our blogs.  I believe that the most important thing about setting goals is making them realistic, solid and achievable.


Blogging goals for 2016 Click To TweetThus these are my main goals for the upcoming year:

  • I want to analyse what’s worked. I always look at my metrics before jumping head into something new, I love to see what you guys like the most and I try to write more about those subjects. Also, what I am planning to do is to introduce content upgrades- so all of you lovely people who subscribe will get a little extra in your inbox!

  • I want to publish 1 eBook.  eBooks completely changed the way we read and publish books, it’s really amazing! I already started doing proper research and weighing my options.

  • I would like to monetize my blog in non-annoying ways. I feel like it’s time to introduce monetization, there are so many ways to make some income from blogging, I will still keep my day job but will start working seriously on my online project in my free time.

  • I want to post to social media websites once per day. I regularly use social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but I feel like I am not sharing my content enough, so yes, I want to promote my articles in a more consistent way. At this point I mostly focus on Instagram & Twitter, but would really like to get into Facebook & Pinterest.

  • I want to host and write guest posts. I would love to guest post more in 2016, this is something I really want to get into! Sometimes I want to write about different topics, I know you feel the same 🙂 when I do guest posts I feel like I am on a vacation where I can create new content. I’m also pondering the idea of hosting guest posts on Inspiremeland.  So please contact me if you’re interested in either!  We’ll see what happens..

  • I would like to host my first giveaway. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!  This is so exciting, it’s time to treat you guys with a lovely giveaway. I am purely doing this to reward my lovely readers, it would make me very happy if I know that one of you got a free gift thanks to me!

  • I want to run a new series on my blog. Writing series does take some forward planning, but it will be such a rewarding experience! I’d like to pass on some things I’ve picked up along the ‘blogging’ way and share with others.


I’d love to know your goals for next year!

What are your blogging goals?


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