10 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

10 Ways To Promote Your Blog PostPhoto credit: Jonathan Rolandewww.housebuyfast.co.uk


Hello lovelies!

Let’s say you just wrote a great blog post, you are checking the spelling, preview it 100 times ..then what?
Unfortunately many bloggers are afraid or not aware of the fact that simply publishing a blog post is not enough. You need to put it out there for any potential new reader to see your fantastic new post!

I just gathered my Top 10 tips  how I promote my blog posts once they are published, which helped me grow my readership:


#1. First thing I do, I log into my Facebook account and share my new link on my main page, on the group I created for my readership, and I also share it on blogging society groups I joined recently.


#2. I send out a tweet including the main title of my new post and a quick summarizing of my post, here I will obviously include a relevant image. To be even more effective, I use tags/ keywords like: @bbloggers @BBloggersUnite @blogobsessive @BloggingFamily @FemaleBloggerRT @blog @pblogger @blogginggals @Blogger_Lounge @bblog, etc.


#3. I always pin my relevant images on Pinterest. I love Pinterest, I have loads of boards and my main traffic is coming from Pinterest therefore pinning my images it’s really important. If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, don’t hesitate!


#4. Instagram -huh I like it, but I hate the fact that I cannot share my post on Instagram straight away, therefore what I do is I pick a relevant image from my post, re-size it to 612×612, post it on Instagram and use the #hash tags for my keywords. This works amazingly and I get pretty amount of traffic from Instagram as well!


#5. Reddit. It’s interesting because nowadays bloggers only share their posts on Facebook, Twitter so I was skeptical about Reddit, but WOW after sharing my link there suddenly I got loads and loads of traffic. Just make sure you don’t share a link every 5 minutes otherwise they will block you. Try it! Just once! You won’t regret! 🙂


#6. I always stumble my new post on StumbleUpon – again not so fancy social media I would say, but I’m quite happy with the traffic I get from there so I always stumble my posts!


#7. Google +- another excellent place to share my new post, this will be really beneficial for SEO!


#8. Leave a VALUABLE comment on relevant sites that have good traffic, but please don’t be spammy, don’t just leave a comment, like: ‘ thanks ‘ haha, come on if you read the post, leave a valuable meaningful comment.


#9 Guest posting – you get more content and you don’t even have to write it. It’s a bonus that your lovely contributor will also share it with their readership! If you are interested, I always accept guest posting, so contact me if interested!


#10. Last, but not least include your lovely new Blog post in your newsletter – this way your lovely subscribers will receive your new post straight in their mailbox! I send one newsletter per week if you like my Blog please don’t forget to subscribe at the top of the page! Oh and I am using Hellobar in case you are wondering.



More shares >> More traffic >> Happier blogger. I don’t know about you, but I am so happy when I get more traffic, more attention, which is the best reward for all of my hard work.

Now it’s your turn! How do you promote/ share your new posts?


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