10 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

10 Ways To Promote Your Blog PostPhoto credit: Jonathan Rolandewww.housebuyfast.co.uk


Hello lovelies!

Let’s say you just wrote a great blog post, you are checking the spelling, preview it 100 times ..then what?
Unfortunately many bloggers are afraid or not aware of the fact that simply publishing a blog post is not enough. You need to put it out there for any potential new reader to see your fantastic new post!

I just gathered my Top 10 tips  how I promote my blog posts once they are published, which helped me grow my readership:


#1. First thing I do, I log into my Facebook account and share my new link on my main page, on the group I created for my readership, and I also share it on blogging society groups I joined recently.


#2. I send out a tweet including the main title of my new post and a quick summarizing of my post, here I will obviously include a relevant image. To be even more effective, I use tags/ keywords like: @bbloggers @BBloggersUnite @blogobsessive @BloggingFamily @FemaleBloggerRT @blog @pblogger @blogginggals @Blogger_Lounge @bblog, etc.


#3. I always pin my relevant images on Pinterest. I love Pinterest, I have loads of boards and my main traffic is coming from Pinterest therefore pinning my images it’s really important. If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, don’t hesitate!


#4. Instagram -huh I like it, but I hate the fact that I cannot share my post on Instagram straight away, therefore what I do is I pick a relevant image from my post, re-size it to 612×612, post it on Instagram and use the #hash tags for my keywords. This works amazingly and I get pretty amount of traffic from Instagram as well!


#5. Reddit. It’s interesting because nowadays bloggers only share their posts on Facebook, Twitter so I was skeptical about Reddit, but WOW after sharing my link there suddenly I got loads and loads of traffic. Just make sure you don’t share a link every 5 minutes otherwise they will block you. Try it! Just once! You won’t regret! 🙂


#6. I always stumble my new post on StumbleUpon – again not so fancy social media I would say, but I’m quite happy with the traffic I get from there so I always stumble my posts!


#7. Google +- another excellent place to share my new post, this will be really beneficial for SEO!


#8. Leave a VALUABLE comment on relevant sites that have good traffic, but please don’t be spammy, don’t just leave a comment, like: ‘ thanks ‘ haha, come on if you read the post, leave a valuable meaningful comment.


#9 Guest posting – you get more content and you don’t even have to write it. It’s a bonus that your lovely contributor will also share it with their readership! If you are interested, I always accept guest posting, so contact me if interested!


#10. Last, but not least include your lovely new Blog post in your newsletter – this way your lovely subscribers will receive your new post straight in their mailbox! I send one newsletter per week if you like my Blog please don’t forget to subscribe at the top of the page! Oh and I am using Hellobar in case you are wondering.



More shares >> More traffic >> Happier blogger. I don’t know about you, but I am so happy when I get more traffic, more attention, which is the best reward for all of my hard work.

Now it’s your turn! How do you promote/ share your new posts?


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Thanks for your advice, I’ll start to use reddit and stumbleupon and see if it works for my blog 🙂
About Instagram, I’m not sure if it really works, people like our post but don’t visit the blog


I just had a huge aha, I created a blogging instagram account for my followers but I haven’t been tagging my posts!!!!! Thank you for that aha, duh, moment.

Christine Kenny

Thanks so much for this wonderful advice. I already use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest but should probably have a look at some of the others aswell. Never thought of adding the tags for Twitter, what a brilliant idea.

Debbe Mixon

I applaud you for this great post. I’m a new blogger and any tips to help me promote my site are greatly appreciated. I will definitely be putting all these tips to use.

Leo Sigh

I found Instagram to be a bit useless as you cannot link to your article, only to point to your website link in your bio (at least as far as I know). Agree on the others, and you’re absolutely correct on Reddit in particular. Traffic can be awesome. But I don’t see the point of Instagram really. Sorry 🙁


Great stuff! Thanks so much for the info–I never thought to add the tags that you mention above for Twitter, but I think that’s useful. And I didn’t realize anyone was still using Stumble Upon–will def check it out. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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This was extremely helpful, thank you! Unfortunately though, I signed up for stumble upon and they don’t accept blogspot links.

Diana Keith

Great list – a few I’m using, and a few I definitely need to get in to. Ive heard reddit and stumbled upon are great drivers.


These are great ideas. I will definitely look at reddit. Do you get much traffic from linkys or sites like bloglovin ?


Thanks so much. The list gives me some great ideas. I am just about to launch a blog focused on marketing.

Teena Stewart

Thanks for the helpful tips. I am definitely going to check out Reddit. I am just now starting with Instagram and I appreciate the tip on how you do it on Instagram. I will be contacting you about guest posting.


Thanks for the great tips! i’ll will try them


Thanks for all the great tips! I need to get better at sharing my content! I’ll definitely be trying some of these!



These are awesome tips! Definitely going to try out Reddit & Stumble Upon this week.

Ruth Kemple

I love this post so helpful! I’m still finding my feet with all things blogging!
Thank you so much

The beauty kemple xx

Dianne Tho

dear, thank you for all these tips 😀
i usually use some of this sources but i def should try other ones you just wrote

lu @lookingformamame

Thanks for the tips! I dont use Reddit it or Stumble Upon at the moment. I’m a bit confused about the Reddit subreddits Any advice on those? thanks!


Thanks for sharing these tips. I’ve not tried Reddit or Stumble Upon so I’m going to give those a try on my next post!


Love this I might use this as my new checklist! I hate it when I feel I’ve worked hard on something and it goes nowhere!