10 Ways to Grow Your Email List

10 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Whether you just launched your blog or started a new business, you probably don’t have an email list to send to.

So how to get started?

Good news! I want to share some ideas to make it easier for you to grow your email list.
So, do you want more email subscribers? Keep on reading…

* First and MOST important – create badass email content! – You need to write amazing mail content and eye-catching subject lines, otherwise nobody will ever open your email.

* Make it easy! -The other day I wanted to subscribe to a website, but I changed my mind literary when I noticed I have to complete a 5 field form, NO! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Therefore make sure you are using a simple and easy to find sign-up form.

* Always include social sharing buttons in your marketing emails.

* Create an e-book, you can do this with a partner! Offer your audience mail-exclusive: deals/ tutorials/ information.

* Promote a giveaway and collect email addresses.

* Host an online webinar and collect emails. There are many programs you can use – Gotomeeting or Anymeeting, etc these feature a sign-up form to collect emails from visitors before they enter the webinar you created.

* Offline promotion! Attend trade shows, events, conferences where people in your niche are attending.

* Learn about your audience – ask questions, don’t be afraid, you need to find out what they like to read, what are their interests.

* Use multiple opt-ins! I am currently using two. Oh, I wanted to ask you – what do you think of pop ups? Are they annoying or do you prefer this method to subscribe?

* I recently created a Facebook Sign Up form, you can find here. I think it’s a great way to convert those fans into subscribing members, I have set this up using MailChimp

Have you subscribed to my blog yet ??

In the end, your mail subscriber list plays an important role in the success of you blog!

What techniques do you use to build your email list? What worked for you?


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