10 Ways to Drive Traffic To Old Blog Posts

10 Ways to Drive Traffic To Old Blog Posts

Once old posts fall off the home page and land in the archives, the traffic drops precipitously.
With a few simple steps, you can give your old content a new lease of life and generate more traffic from your blog.
I really hate ignoring the opportunity to promote my old posts, our always ‘green’ posts are worthy of being read by new readers as well right?

Below are a few ideas for sharing your old posts:

#1. SEO

Go back to that old post and add some keywords, re-word the titles, add some quality photos, add tags. Create a completely new description.
When you improve your title tag always make sure that you include your keyword in the title. For tips on how to improve a post’s SEO, check out 5 Easy Ways to improve your SEO.
Tip: SEO Yost plugin – designed to boost search engine rankings.

#2. Create a Roundup

This is a great way for your visitors to go through any posts they might have missed in the previous months. I usually like doing roundups at the end of the year, but if you post daily you can do this each month.

#3. Create badass Pinterest-friendly images!

Check your old post images, are they Pinterest-friendly? Add some text to them, I prefer sharing images that have an over-sized caption that explains what people will get if they click through. I will be honest, Pinterest drives 50% of my traffic and we all know while browsing through Pinterest we are looking for nice pictures and not well-crafted sentences.
Believe me, visual content will ALWAYS get more traffic and shares!

#4. Link back to your older post

Always link back to a relevant, old post, this will drive traffic to those archived posts and will also improve your SEO. Usually when I write a new post like this one, I will go through my archived posts looking for posts containing relevant subject matter. This technique will reduce the bounce rate of your website.

#5. Use an automated plugin Insights

Insights is a plugin that works at WordPress post editor and helps in quickly link your blog post within your blog. Insights allow you to do all this using dynamic AJAX interface which loads the relevant information to your post in just a few seconds.
Most of the time I’m not sure of the exact link to that page I would need around 1 minute to open a new window, search for this page, copy the link and paste it. With Insights, everything is done in a couple of seconds.

#6. Share your older post using your social media.

Try using TweetDeck, Buffer, Hootsuit or Social Pilot and I am sure there are a bunch of other social schedule services out there. I personally like to share my old posts manually, but sometimes I will just use an automating tool.

#7. Write and eBook

This is a cool way to reuse all your old posts plus you can add some extra additional bits, I will definitely do this once I have enough old posts:)
Once your eBook is ready you can create a cool cover using canva and hire an editor and why not, sell it!

#8. Use a popular posts section in your sidebar

You can either use a tag cloud or a widget to share your most popular posts in your sidebar, I’d recommend displaying your best 4-5 posts of all the time!
Tip: Checking Google Analytics to see which posts have done extremely well on your site and add those to the list.

#9. Use P.s at the end of each post

This is a great idea to drive traffic to similar posts you have.
Tip: I use a related post plugin from WordPress to attract attention and improve my SEO. It places a list of links with thumbnails at the bottom of your posts. This plugin supports different styles, thumbnails, full customization and includes caching for improved performance.

#10. Email it out!

I think it’s a great idea to send out some links of your old blog posts from time to time to your email list. Those who missed your old post and new readers would love this.


Thanks for reading!
How do you drive traffic to your archived posts?

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